Skip the Wet and Cold and Head for the Sun

Note: These Offers Expire MIDDAY Monday 3 December

Skip the wet and cold weather at home and head for the pleasantly warm winter temperatures and sunshine of southern Spain for a wonderful pre-Christmas boost.  It will not only set you up for Christmas, it will set you up for the whole winter.

We have 2 weeks to offer today at the 5-star San Diego Suites,  close to Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol. They are consecutive weeks, available separately or as a two-week break.

Plus we have Christmas week at the Santa Cruz apartments.  Details below.

Let your friends know as they may go with you to share the costs, or independently.

(Our excellent prices are guides only; we are open to offers.)

Check out the details below and call Ken & Isabel Johnstone on 01387 720388 if you’ve any questions.



Sat 8-15 Dec, 2012: San Diego Suites

A 2-bedroom apartment (sleeps 6) with private jacuzzi

Our price £225 per week, ono

Sat 15-22 Dec, 2012: San Diego Suites

A 2-bedroom apartment (sleeps 6) with private jacuzzi

Our price £250 per week, ono

Enjoy the resort facilities or hire a car and enjoy the surrounding area with its beautiful white mountain villages; dine in one of the many excellent restaurants in the local villages or towns; or visit one of the nearby marinas, have a coffee and dream of adventure on one of the magnificent sea-going yachts moored there.

Credit card details or a refundable deposit is requested upon arrival.

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Sat 21-28 Dec, 2012: Santa Cruz Suites – Christmas week

A luxurious 1-bedroom apartment at this 5-star resort on the Costa del Sol, close to Fuengirola and Marbella.

Our price £275 per week, ono

Enjoy the beach, local restaurants, beautiful white mountain villages, tour historic towns … or just relax by the pool and soak up the sunshine over Christmas week, thinking of the rest of us freezing back here in the UK, lol!


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