How Can You Qualify for a Special Discount?

We have some great discount offers for you here – find out how to qualify…

1. New Community Discount – 25% off!

While the facilities at La Tercia Golf Resort are not yet fully operational, here are the steps to qualify for the Discounted Rate above – up to 25% off our standard weekly rental rates.

  1. Register with (enter your name and email address in the form up there on the right)
  2. Send in the Booking Request for your holiday
  3. There is no third step!

Note: Registering with also qualifies you for priority booking*, as well as special offers, other discounts, in the occasional “Letter from La Tercia” newsletter.

* Those who register (see form over on top right) will receive priority for any given week over someone who is not registered who requests the same week.

2. Write a Review – 15% off your next break

We’re always looking for reviews we can publish on this website to help others decide if its for them – and we’d like you to come back again! So…

If we publish a review you’ve written about any aspect of your visit during your stay at our La Tercia Golf apartment, you will qualify for a 15% discount off the standard rental rates on your next visit.

To qualify, your article should be:

  • about a topic relevant to holiday breaks in Murcia, Spain, and this website
  • of interest to visitors to the area
  • of sufficient length to do the topic justice – normally over 350 words

…but no need to worry about producing a “polished” article. Just a rough set of notes, comments or stories would be fine.

Please send us your review or article using the Contact page

3. Full-time Church Worker?

Are you a full-time church worker, eg minister, vicar, pastor, etc? Please send us details with your enquiry.

4. Golf Club Discount
Does your golf club have a discount code? No? Then ask your club secretary to contact us to arrange your golf apartment club discount.

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